Young Leopard

Young Leopard

This is my latest piece which is currently listed on Ebay, it’s 6.” x 8″ painted using soft pastels and pastel pencils on Fisher400 pastel paper. Fisher400 paper is a new paper on the market and it really is a remarkable paper, it can be used with any media it seems, I’ve tried acrylics, water colours, soft pastels and oil pastels on this paper, it’s sturdy and takes loads of layers without using fixative, you can even wash off the pastel under a tap without losing the tooth of the paper.

I also have another ACEO card for sale, this one has been painted with acrylics.


I have a couple of ideas whirling about in my head for my next paintings, deciding which to do first is an issue at the moment.

One Response to “Young Leopard”

  1. Helen Says:

    Hello! I really like your cat, and the leopard is gorgeous!