Mo Rich Fine Art - Wildlife Art, Pet Portraits, Paintings & Pastels

Landscapes and Other Work

This collection of my other work covers everything else I like to paint from time to time; my current favourites here are the flowers.

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FoxglovesA fun oil pastel painting of spikey flowersBright Yellow flowers.A delicate flower from a magnolia tree.Orange BlazeRhododendronsAn unusual view of a beautiful sunflower.


A backstreet in CornwallA frosty autumn morningForgotten VistasA colourful garden and quiet retreat.Godrevy lighthouse stands on a small island off the coast of Cornwall.A misty cold morningThe old Monnow Bridge, in Monmouth, South Wales.The mountains of Cumbria.Park WalkAfter Turner - done as a challenge, to explore Turner's techniques.A wooded pathway which follows the lake at my local park.

Still Life

Brown TreeFruit BasketHaunted OakA distinctive old oak tree found at my local park.A study of the reflections in a puddle of water.