Mo Rich Fine Art - Wildlife Art, Pet Portraits, Paintings & Pastels


Birds to me are the most beautiful of all creatures, so many different species, so many colours, to watch a bird flying effortlessly is pure delight, to watch them preening their feathers never fails to grab my attention.

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African kingfisher.Some birds fly, others seem to dance in the air.Ducks GaloreSwan snoozing in the sunset.A swan reminding mallards of the pecking orderPortrait of a preening swan.Award winning soft pastel painting of green lorikeets.A grey heron hunting among the reed-beds.A family of kittiwakes.An unfinished painting of two Macaws, done as a demonstration for Newport Art SocietyThe ever-watchful eyes of the hawk don't miss a thing.Portrait of a handsome puffin.RobinA secretary bird sees snakes as potential snacks.Sleepy DuckA pair of gannets.